Types of Receipts and Their Differences from Invoices



A receipt is a necessary document that functions as proof that a transaction of handover of goods, money, services, and so on has taken place. However, a receipt is not the same as an invoicing software pricing. In a transaction sequence, an invoice is a document that contains information about a transaction and is submitted to the buyer. Meanwhile, a receipt is given after the customer receives the invoice.

What is a Receipt Letter?

A receipt is proof that a transaction of handover of goods, money, documents, or services has taken place between 2 parties. A simple example is when a courier delivers a package, they will ask the recipient of the goods to sign a document after the goods are delivered. This document is called a receipt.

This receipt is a document that is necessary in business activities to prevent errors that arise during delivery or loss of goods. Therefore, this letter usually contains detailed information about the goods, such as the type, quantity, name of the recipient and date of delivery of the goods. However, in practice, the information in the following letter may vary depending on the needs of each company. However, at least the following information must be included in the receipt document.

Receipt Function

From the previous explanation, you must be able to understand a little about the function of the receipt document. To clarify, here are the functions:

As an Internal Control Tool

With this proof of receipt, the company can understand that the employee who was given the responsibility to submit documents/goods has carried out their duties well.

As an archive of incoming and outgoing goods and documents belonging to the company

As you know, this acceptance letter is really important. This document will be an important archive if there is a misunderstanding between the delivery person and the recipient of the goods. With a receipt letter, you can track the truth that the goods delivered have been received.

5 Examples of Receipt Documents

There is more than one example of a receipt document. However, the 5 below are the most frequently used. Anything? Here are some of them:

Receipt for Shops

For the business world, this letter is nothing strange. Starting from small businesses to large businesses. Just like a shopping business. In this business activity, the shop owner will usually add or receive a receipt for the transaction that occurred.

Office Goods Delivery Documents

In line with office goods delivery activities. An office needs items that are regularly purchased or consumed. For example, office stationery, mineral water, chairs/desks, and other items that need to be refilled. All deliveries of goods must have proof of receipt. This will be important, both for the seller and the recipient, namely the office itself.

Receipt for PT

Usually, the activities carried out by a PT are none other than the movement of goods. In carrying out these activities, a letter of receipt of goods is required. The information in the following document must be thorough and understandable so that there are no misunderstandings during the goods transfer system.

For example, PT. Surya Kencana wants to hand over heavy equipment to another second party. This heavy equipment must go through more than one test and trial so that it can be ensured that the heavy equipment can function properly.

After the check is complete, PT. Surya Kencana will hand over the heavy equipment. In this delivery system, there is something called an agreement originating from the second party. Usually, it contains the willingness of the second party to protect the goods and is willing to spend funds if there is damage to the vehicle.

Used Vehicle Handover Documents

This used vehicle handover document usually comes out when you buy a vehicle from another individual. When the vehicle delivery system occurs, the sender and recipient of the vehicle must provide a receipt form which will be proof that the second party has received the vehicle they purchased from the first party. Not only that, the goods delivery document will also be a necessary proof of transaction for your company.

Receipt Document for School

Usually, the receipt document for this school comes out when a purchase transaction takes place in the form of equipment or things that support teaching and study activities at a school. Such as benches, tables, blackboards, cupboards, and so on. This document will be useful for managing school finances and can also be used as a periodic report.

Difference Between Receipt and Invoice

You may be wondering, what is the difference between a receipt document and an invoice? Simply put, the two can be differentiated based on their role in a transaction.

An invoice is a registered document issued by a seller that contains a bill that must be paid by the consumer. Fill in the information in the invoice usually regarding quantity, price, discount (if any), invoice number, quantity and total payment, invoice issuance date, and seller’s signature.

This invoice is sent before payment for the goods is made to show the total costs that must be paid. Later, invoices will be needed in preparing a trading company’s profit and loss report.

More or less, the following is a general sequence of transaction activities:

Quotation letter > Sales order > Invoice/Invoice > Receipt letter > Receipt.

As shown in the scheme above, a letter of acceptance is given after the invoice is received and the product is sent to the buyer. The objectives of these two documents are different. Invoices have the purpose of providing payment collection information, while receipts only concern the receipt of goods.

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